Support Staff

Administration Staff:

Mrs S Thompson - Office Manager

Mrs A McArdle - Secretary

Mrs S Hodgson - Secretary

Mrs R Bennison - Secretary

Kitchen Staff:

Mrs A Lemon - Cook

Mrs A Crank

Mrs S Eccles

Mrs G Humphreys

Mrs M Mason

Mrs E Rothwell

Mrs B Warburton

Mid Day Assistants:

Mrs A Ainsworth

Mrs L Bracegirdle

Mrs A Ghani

Mrs R Goyal

Mrs M Gupta

Mrs J Hartley

Mrs J Kharbanda

Mrs A Lomas

Mrs M Mustafa (Midday Supervisor)

Mrs J Oxley

Mrs I Ramdoss

Mrs A Sahoo

Mrs J Tynan

Mrs V Wilson

Site Manager:

Mr M Telfer

Cleaning Team:

Mrs L Bird

Mrs D Pittner

Mrs B Rough

Mrs E Savage

Teaching Staff

Mrs K Spark - Head Teacher

Mrs K Manion - Head of School

Mrs H Wright - Deputy Headteacher

Mrs E McDonald - Acting Assistant Headteacher


Mrs H Wright - Year 6

Mrs C Compton / Mrs R Macdonald - Year 6

Mrs C Walmsley - Year 6

Mrs R Herbert - Year 5

Ms E Stirling - Year 5

Mrs N Allen - Year 4

Miss L Chester - Year 4

Mrs L Yates - Year 3

Miss C Stockton - Year 3

Mr M Plews - Year 2

Mrs E McDonald / Mr J Moss - Year 2

Miss Z Allman - Year 1

Miss L Wild - Year 1

Miss Z Stott - Reception

Mrs F Bacon / Mrs K Al Noah - Reception

Mrs J Pope - Nursery

Mr J Moss - PE Specialist Teacher / Year 2 Teacher

Mrs A Pepper - KS1 / KS2 Teacher

Mrs E Gilmour - KS2 Teacher / Spanish Teacher

Teaching Assistants

Mrs E Bailey

Mrs W Bingham

Mrs M Carter

Mrs J Coakley

Mrs C Cockayne

Mrs L Etchells

Miss L Falconer

Mrs J Hartley

Mrs J Maxfield

Mrs L Robinson

Mr P Rogerson

Mrs H Rouse

Mrs D Standeven

Mrs M Tewnion

Mrs J Veitch

Mrs A Wainwright


Pupils very much enjoy coming to school... They feel safe in the stimulating environment into which they are warmly welcomed... One pupil stated that, ‘You can be yourself here.’



Tyntesfield Primary School
Alma Road
M33 4HE

Phone 0161 973 4877

Email tyntesfield.admin(at)


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