For education, ICT represents a new requirement - we need to prepare our young people for a society in which such technology will be pervasive - but it also offers a major opportunity for enhancing and enriching the educative process itself.



ICT contributes significantly to the quality of teaching and learning. It supports, enhances and enriches the whole curriculum in a unique way. ICTsupports the development of key skills in areas such as literacy, Numeracy, communication, problem solving, information handling, social and interpersonal skills and independent learning.

ICT curriculum includes:

• Communication: the handling of text, images, music and multimedia through software and equipment.

• Handling Information: handling data through various software packages and the Internet.

• Control: using programmable devices (for example, the Beebot or ProBot) and a programming language, such as Logo.

• Modelling: using ICT tools to explore imaginary situations, ask questions and make decisions.

• Data logging: using equipment and various sensors to record data in our environment


Pupils very much enjoy coming to school... They feel safe in the stimulating environment into which they are warmly welcomed... One pupil stated that, ‘You can be yourself here.’

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