History of Tyntesfield

History of Tyntesfield

In the early part of the nineteenth century the property now known as Tyntesfield Primary School, was farmland known as Smithy Field. In 1850, Samuel Brookes, a well known local banker, bought the land and Tyntesfield Hall was built on the site.

Later, Tyntesfield Hall was given to the Hardy family by the Crown, as a reward for courageous action during the Battle of Alma, in the Crimean War. This is from where Alma Road and our school Tyntesfield Primary take their names.

In 1956 part of the land was sold to Cheshire County Council for the building of a primary school. Tyntesfield Hall was demolished but two of the cannons from the Battle of Alma, taken from the grounds of the hall, were donated to the school. Today the cannons sit proudly by the main entrance to our school building and have formed the logo for our school, Tyntesfield Primary.


Pupils very much enjoy coming to school... They feel safe in the stimulating environment into which they are warmly welcomed... One pupil stated that, ‘You can be yourself here.’

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