Rolls-Royce Science Prize

We are delighted to announce that Tyntesfield Primary School is one of 6 schools in the country out of over 2000 applicants to be selected as a 2016-17 finalist for the Rolls-Royce Science Prize. Our project is called ‘Investigation Generation’ and aims to give Tyntesfield pupils an even greater opportunity to think, plan and investigate like scientists and engineers.

The Rolls-Royce Science Prize is an annual awards programme that helps teachers implement science teaching ideas in their schools and colleges. The Prize promotes innovative and sustainable strategies for teaching science, which will inspire scientists and engineers of the future.

As finalists, we have been awarded £6000 to support the implementation of our project. We are going to use the money to create ‘Investigation Stations’ within our classrooms and around our school grounds to inspire the children to find out more about the world around them.

We will be adding our monthly diary entry to this section of our website so watch this space!

Rolls-Royce Project Monthly Diary Entries

April 2017

As our final submissions for the prize are growing closer, it is becoming clear that this is just the start of our project at Tyntesfield. We hope that the resources we have purchased will enable us to inspire the curiosity of our pupils throughout their Tyntesfield journey. For example, our reception children, who have been exploring magnets purchased with the funding, will get hands-on experiences with all of the resources as they progress through the school over the next six years ... (click on the link for the full report).

Neil Chattle Visit

On Friday 31st March, we welcomed our Rolls-Royce Science Prize mentor Neil Chattle into school. Neil was given the opportunity to visit our ‘investigation stations’ from nursery to Year 6. He was impressed with how the Rolls-Royce funded resources have been put to use across the whole school and he enjoyed hearing how enthusiastic pupils and staff are towards the project. (click on the link for the full report ...)(click on the link for the full report ...)

March 2017

This month has definitely seen our 'Investigation Station' take off around school... (click on the link to read the full diary entry)

February 2017

This month, I delivered my first staff meeting to teachers and teaching assistants. Having only been leading Science at Tyntesfield for just over a year, this was an exciting yet daunting prospect. I was greeted by a supportive and enthusiastic team who made it an enjoyable and productive meeting ... (click on the link to read the full diary entry)

January 2017 Diary

As mentioned previously in our December diary entry, we are now in the exciting stage of creating and developing investigation stations across school. Our new logo, which can be seen in the above header, was designed by a Year 3 pupil..(click on the link to read the full diary entry)

December 2016 Diary

December saw the launch of our exciting logo competition. The children were given the opportunity to design a logo to identify our ‘Investigation Stations’ around school. We had over 70 entries from pupils from Years 1-6 and the pupils in Tyntesfield Eco Council have supported staff in the difficult job of narrowing down the finalists...(click on the link to read the full diary entry)

November 2016 Diary

This month I had the honour of representing Tyntesfield at the 2015-16 Rolls-Royce Science Prize Awards Ceremony. It was a fantastic opportunity to talk to schools who have developed their own projects over the year. I heard about how their projects had impacted their pupils and also allowed them to develop their own delivery of science teaching... (click on the link to read the full diary entry)

October 2016 Diary

This month saw our first delivery of the resources we have ordered to kick start our ‘Investigation Generation’ project. There was great excitement in the staff room one morning as we carefully unwrapped the data loggers, microscopes and magnets our Special Merit Prize had allowed us to purchase... (click on the link to read the full diary entry)


Pupils very much enjoy coming to school... They feel safe in the stimulating environment into which they are warmly welcomed... One pupil stated that, ‘You can be yourself here.’

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