Tyntesfield has been accredited with Trafford’s Dyslexia Aware Quality Mark since 2014, this award recognises that all our children are taught using dyslexia friendly strategies across the curriculum.

What you would see in the classroom:

  • children are taught to write using a cursive style of handwriting from the word go.
  • children use a variety of methods of recording their learning, e.g. mind maps, diagrams, bullet points, recording on ipads, power points with photos and pictures.
  • a visual timetable in each classroom shows the shape of the school day – this reduces “fear of the unknown.”
  • children can independently access learning resources (even if they find reading tricky) as all resource baskets/trays are labelled with words and pictures.
  • all learning areas have visual and physical resources that children can use to help them with spelling, word finding and setting out their learning.

For those children who have been identified as having dyslexic tendencies there are further adjustments can be provided such as printed text being copied onto cream paper, coloured reading rulers, opportunities to learn and practise spelling strategies in safe environment on a 1:1 basis. As these children’s independence develops they can choose how and when to use these adjustments/strategies.

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Pupils very much enjoy coming to school... They feel safe in the stimulating environment into which they are warmly welcomed... One pupil stated that, ‘You can be yourself here.’

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