Relationships Education

Relationships Education

Through consultation with parents, staff and governors, we created our Life Skills curriculum framework (please see our lifeskills web page for more information) which incorporated the teaching of Relationships Education. Following statutory guidance, our Relationships Education objectives focus on teaching the fundamental building blocks and characteristics of positive and healthy relationships.

This begins with pupils being taught what a relationship is, what friendship is, what family means and who the people are that can support them. Within this, we recognise at Tyntesfield the importance of teaching pupils how to take turns, how to treat each other with kindness, being honest and truthful and an understanding of personal privacy and permission seeking and giving.

All of our Relationship Education objectives are taught age appropriately from Year 2, either discretely or covered through Wellness Wednesdays and other subject areas, such as Science and Computing. Visits from the NSPCC and the school nurse have allowed us to cover important topics such as how to recognise and report feelings of being unsafe and has supported staff in delivering information to the Upper Key Stage 2 regarding puberty.

Our key areas of focus are as follows:

 -Special people in my life

 -Keeping safe

 -Growing up

 -Feelings and Emotions

 -Making decisions

Outlined within the curriculum overview and school policy, you can see key terminology which will be used with pupils in each year group, as agreed during parent, staff and governor consultation.


Pupils very much enjoy coming to school... They feel safe in the stimulating environment into which they are warmly welcomed... One pupil stated that, ‘You can be yourself here.’

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